Meadow Williams and Elder abuse when marrying way younger

This is an interesting story, and if true, the family would seem to have a pretty good case.

 Gerald Kessler  was a wealthy businessman. He founded a successful supplement company. He also married a successful actress more than three decades younger than he was. Her name is Meadow Williams.  

 Except, she was already married and apparently did not get a divorce. At least not really. Also, there are some allegations of something that we see pretty frequently in our society, a campaign to alienate the rest of the family.

It is much more difficult for a spouse to be found “manipulating” another spouse. However,  here we have a spouse that was not really a spouse.   The press release also points out that this fairly well-known actress who is on social media never actually announced that she was getting married to a much older man. She pretty much kept it secret.

Here is the press release.

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