Estate Planning


Estate Tax Planning Services For Clients Throughout Southern California

When we plan for some of Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino County’s most successful families, we are always sure to collaborate with the entire advisory team, which may include CPAs, Financial Advisors, Private Bankers, Business Attorneys and many other professionals.

The planning process is not one of merely drafting documents, but rather assisting families in fulfilling their goals, often the least important includes tax issues, though this is one that should be addressed.

With wealth also comes aspirations for children, for a spouse, for charity. The planning must be integrated, make sense to the person doing it and have meaning and purpose beyond “saving money on taxes.”

Our Estate Planning practice includes litigation. Its important to see how badly things can go in ways that are often not contemplated by the family or even written down in law books. These are hazards that can end up not just causing wealth to evaporate, but also those aspirations. The best way to solve a conflict, is to avoid it.

Our technical planning capabilities are unsurpassed. We stay on top of legal developments and techniques to make sure our clients have the best available tools.

Our technical planning includes, life insurance trusts, split interests, gift trusts, charitable planning, installment sales, business succession planning, asset protection trusts and a wide range of other entities. Some planning techniques are timeless, while others may vary widely from one year to another. All vary from one client to another. We don’t just do documents, we design an overall plan that makes our clients meaning.

Our office provides a safe atmosphere, the knowledge and tools successful families and their advisors need.

From my office in Tustin, I represent clients in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County. From wherever you are in Southern California, call toll free (866) 403-5294 or contact me by email to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced Orange County estate tax planning attorney.

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