Litigation of disputes is expensive. Try Mediation

Mediation is more dignified

If you leave your estate to your children and there is a dispute between the beneficiaries and whomever it is that you entrusted with their assets, the assets could easily go to attorneys, sometimes nearly all of it. The same is true and divorces, made worse in large part because the assets are of the living, who usually earned them, as opposed to the deceased.

I do not represent people going through a divorce as an attorney (I always refer them away and will continue to do so). People who go through divorces tend to have the most negative experiences and “winning” is usually impossible for either side. I like to win in Estate Litigation if I can, or preferably get an early settlement. Families will frequently spend far more on attorney’s fees fighting over items that could be purchased for a lot less than what they would pay an attorney. I do routinely represent clients in inheritance disputes however. While these disputes are sometimes resolved through mediation,

What is most damaging, particularly about divorces is how public the whole spectacle is. If you did not know what to do with your day, and wanted to be entertained without a television, spend the day in Family Court. You can spend all day and watch once loving and respectable families destroy themselves, while becoming poor doing it. Of course in addition to being undignified and expensive, it is stressful, not just on the adults but children and everyone else in that particular circle.

Not all marriages can stand the test of time and it is perfectly normal for them to end. Sadly, we do not end them in a private and dignified way. Let’s change that!

I now offer mediation services for the purpose of resolving disputes privately and in a dignified way. Mediation is a voluntary method of alternative dispute resolution or the parties resolve things by mutual agreement. It is useful to have a neutral 3rd party who can evaluate the situation as a neutral and not as an advocate. This is not the same as hiring a lawyer. While many people who resolve their disputes through mediation have a lawyer, many do not. Right now, I am only offering the services for inheritance and family related issues.

Contact us for more information or if you need to resolve a dispute.

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